Empower people

Making life better for construction workers

Empower people

Making life better for construction workers

Increase Productivity

Automate work processes and make the work smarter with our cutting robot, so you can earn more or go home earlier.


Better Working Environment

Achieve better physical health in an everyday life with less dust, fewer hard working positions and fewer injuries.


Amigo 912 cutting robot

A Mobile Cutting Robot

Our cutting robot automates cutting processes via app or through voice control – faster and easier cutting process.

Wolff Svendsen A/S 

“We had a lack of workers and choose to include the cutting robot into the project. With the the cutting robot, one man can feed 3-5 men” Jakob Jensen, Project Leader.

Hustømrerne A/S

“The carpenters avoid the hard cutting work with the circular saw, and we can keep a good pace at the site” Morten Kjær, Construction Manager.

Danbox Living ApS

“Before, it took two men three days to assemble the fiber gypsum boards in a modular construction. Now four men can accomplish the same task in one day” Jens Ankjær, Production Manager.

Together we are stronger


We want to empower people. In everything we do, we empower people.

Founder’s story

A carpenter who wants to make life better for workers.

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