Hustømrerne Lighthouse

Hustømrerne, Lighthouse

The construction of Aarhus iconic high-rise building Lighthouse. 142 meters high, 45 floors and 400 apartments clad in Fermacell fiber boards.
In the project, Hustømrerne are supposed to install up to 80,000 sqm. Fermacell fiber gypsum. The company has from an early stage invested in two Amigo 912 to keep up with the schedule and secure a good working environment for the carpenters.
With the help from Amigo one carpenter has been able to cut boards for up to 5 carpenters.

– Amigo is perfect for Lighthouse because we have so many gypsum boards to cut. The carpenters avoid the hard cutting work with the circular saw, and we can keep a good pace at the site. It is important on a large project like Lighthouse, where it does not take much before we are behind schedule. Morten Kjær, construction manager in Hustømrerne.

– Usually, I can produce for one man, who mounts the plasterboard. Now I keep 4-5 men going. It gives us a good flow. I’m a huge fan. I also have a much better working position during the day. There is also much less dust in the air than usual. After I started working with Amigo, I can settle for half the allergy medicine. Jonas Engel, carpenter.


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