Everything you need to know about us

We Are Kobots

Everything you need to know about us

We Are Kobots

How we work

We provide craftspeople with intelligent, easy-to-use tools that make it easier to put their capabilities to better use, to achieve more with less effort, and help ensure better working environments – with fewer work-related strains and injuries. We want to simplify key work processes in the construction industry and the building trades, to make them faster, easier and less wearing to do.


Making life better for construction workers and making businesses more profitable.


Making workers stronger, healthier and faster through automation.

Empower people


Our purpose is to empower people. In everything we do, we empower people. Empowerment is about giving people the best prerequisites for fulfilling their goals and empower them to get a better life.


Better Working Environment

Better physical health with less repetitive work, less dust and less injuries.

Increase Productivity

Work smarter, automated processes, hands-free and voice responsive robots.

Attract, Retain and Develop the Workforce

Motivate next generation of skilled labour with new technology and smarter working methods.

Reduce Waste

Rethink waste management and residual materials.

Founder’s story

A carpenter wanting to make life better for workers and make businesses in construction more profitable.

Working at Kobots

We design and develop technology platforms and tools aimed at making people’s lives better.
We want the work we do to impact people’s lives in a positive and inspiring way. We continue that distinctive mindset in our own company, focusing on making it pleasurable, productive and satisfying to work here.
Our company culture is of utmost importance to us – we’re determined to provide a creative, supportive and inclusive environment for our staff. We’re not a big company (yet), and we all work as an enthusiastic team in which everyone’s talents and contributions count – and are valued.


We are firstmovers

We challenge status quo and set new standards.

We are open-minded

We are open-minded and value ideas and opinions that are different to our own.

We listen with the intend to understand

We listen to our users to understand their actual working situation and to solve their challenges, working issues and pains.

Story of Kobots

KOBOTS is a Danish start-up with headquarters in Odense, Denmark. KOBOTS was founded in 2018 by former carpenter Peter Hartvigsen. Today, we are specialized in developing and selling collaborative robots within the construction industry.

KOBOTS started in 2018 with Peter Hartvigsen and his first employee Kristian Dalgaard. Today, KOBOTS is owned by its employees with competence within business-, product- and software development as well as founding, sales, and marketing.

We create intelligent robots that can be used by everyone in the construction industry. A robot for construction in good business and good ethics. We have created not only a unique robot, but also a user-friendly user interface, which can turn everyone into a “robot programmers” without special prerequisites.  In past, today and in the future our main focus will always be on the needs of the users.

We do not have only one technology – we have a VISION

Meet the team

We are Kobots – we are here to make a difference
Meet our team and find contact details here.


Please contact us if you have any questions to KOBOTS and our products. We will do our utmost to answer any queries and are more than happy to enter into a dialogue about the construction industry and robotics.
Please see logos and images for download here.

Get in touch with us:

KOBOTS Company ApS
Lind Hansens Vej 13H
5000 Odense C
VAT DK-43798529
Phone: +45 70 20 32 12
Mail: sales@kobots.dk

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