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Meet our cutting robot

  • The cutting robot is a mobile cutting robot that automates the cutting process via a smartphone.
  • The cutting robot makes the cutting process faster and easier.
  • The cutting robot increases productivity and capacity. Frees up resources with hands free cutting and measuring.
  • The cutting robot eliminates dust with the connected vacuum cleaner, and creates a better working environment for the craftsmen.
  • Working with the cutting robot results in fewer work-related accidents and health issues due to exposure to dust, tool vibration, cutting tools and bad working postures.
  • Minimizes waste and residual materials.

KOBOTS vs Circular saw

Break even in 51 days with 3 men working with the cutting robot


KOBOTS 912 is the small model in the cutting robot series. It is able to cut 900 x 1200 mm boards.


KOBOTS 925 is the medium model in the cutting robot series. It is able to cut 900 x 2500 mm boards.


KOBOTS 1225 is the large model in the cutting robot series. It is able to cut 1250 x 2500 mm boards.


KOBOTS 1230 is the largest model in the cutting robot series. The robot can cut up to 1250*3050 mm boards.

Technical specification

  • Easy to transport
  • Can be assembled in 5-10 min.
  • Handles up to 90 % of your cuts
  • Uses a 125 mm blade
  • Uses 230 volts.

Good working environment

Make work life better with the cutting robot. The cutting robot reduces dust remarkably from the cutting process. KOBOTS – if your health is important.

Get done faster

Get work done faster with the cutting robot. The cutting robot automates the cutting process, and you get up to 5 times faster while the work is made easier.

Increased quality

Make work smarter with the cutting robot. The cutting robot reduces cutting errors and increases quality with accurate cuttings. KOBOTS – if good quality is important to you.

Keep your back strong

The cutting robot is making the manual cuttings and you avoid bad working positions. Frees your time for other tasks.

Attract & retain labor

Become more attractive and competitive with an intelligent tool that secures a healthy and smart workplace.

Accurate cut every time

Tolerance is +/- 1 mm. The cutting robot reduces cutting errors and increases quality with accurate cuttings. KOBOTS – if accurate cuttings are important to you.

For various materials

Use the cutting robot for many different board materials from fiberboards to plywood and wet room boards with a board thickness up to 25 mm.


You can buy, rent and lease cutting robots directly through KOBOTS in Denmark and through distributors.
For prices contact your local distributor or KOBOTS in Denmark on +45 70 20 32 12

Service first

Thorough training in the cutting robot guarantees a good start with the machine. In case of problems, Kobots offers support within 24 hours on weekdays.

“We did not cut a single board wrong with the cutting robot. We could not have avoided that with the circular saw

Mathias Lyck Dreier, Construction Manager at Guldfeldt.

Cost savings of 61 %

Guldfeldt A/S had a task that was set to have a duration of nine working days for two carpenters with a plunge saw.

Two weeks before project delivery, Guldfeldt A/S rented an KOBOTS® 925. With the cutting robot, two carpenters completed the work in four days.

This was a time savings of 89 hours, or 61%. Additionally, they had materials savings as they avoid incorrect cuts with the cutting robot.

Realised with KOBOTS Projekteret med dyksav
Man hours 19,883 DKK 44,984 DKK
Waste of material 0 DKK 800 DKK
Savings in total 30,901 DKK / -61%  

The above are cost prices excl. VAT
The calculations are shared by Guldfeldt A/S

Experience the Kobots APP

Just a few clicks from the next cut

The cutting robot is controlled with the Kobots APP on a smartphone included with the machine. Kobots APP is based on a visual and intuitive template builder that secures fast cuttings.

In the APP you can:

  • Make several cuttings in one board for an optimized utilization of the material with less waste and fewer heavy lifts for the user.
  • Trapeze template builder for easy and fast cuttings for trapeze to ceiling projects etc.
  • Repeat function of cutting templates for the same board to cut strips for example.
  • Save cutting templates for later or repetitive use.

KOBOTS transport

The cutting robot is delivered in 5-6 boxes that make it easy to transport from project to project in a normal van.

KOBOTS Assembly

Make the cutting robot ready to cut in 5-10 minutes. With fast setting-up, the cutting robot can easily be moved while the project develops.

Optimize workflow

Optimize workflow with the cutting robot. While the cutting robot handles the repetitive cutting work, you can spend your time on other relevant tasks.

What do our customers say

Hustømrerne A/S

»Usually, I can produce for one man, who mounts the plasterboard. Now I keep 4-5 men going« Jonas Engel, carpenter

Danbox Living ApS

»Before, it took two men three days to assemble the fiber gypsum boards in a modular construction. Now four men can accomplish the same task in one day« Jens Ankjær, Production Manager

SIB Byggeri A/S

»It gives us more free hands, more accurate cuttings and a significantly better work environment. It is also good branding« Søren, Construction Architect.

Wolff Svendsen A/S

»We had a lack of workers and choose to include the cutting robot into the project. With the cutting robot, one man can feed 3-5 men« Jakob Jensen, Project Leader.

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