Empower people

Making life better for construction workers

Empower people

Making life better for construction workers

Increase Productivity

Work smarter, automated processes, hands-free and voice responsive robots.

Better Working Environment

Better physical health with less repetitive work, less dust and less injuries.

A Mobile Cutting Robot

Amigo automates cutting processes via app or through voice control – faster and easier cutting process.

Niels Lien

Construction of a distinctive 8-storey building in the middle of Slagelse, Kløvertårnet.

A more effective workprocess. Released time and resources while achieving a better working environment.


Construction of Aarhus’ iconic high-rise building Lighthouse.

Avoid the hard cutting work. Keeping up with the schedule. Less dust. Better working environment.

Senior homes
HJ Huse

Construction of 29 one-storey terraced houses in Slagelse. 

Eliminated dust from the cutting process. Mobile cutting station. Achieved faster work process. 


We want to empower people. In everything we do, we empower people.

Founder’s story

A carpenter who wants to make life better for workers.

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