Become a distributor in Scandinavia

Distributor of robots in the Scandinavian construction industry

KOBOTS is offering a unique opportunity – become a distributor at the Scandinavian market.
Following our successful introduction in the Danish, Norwegian and Dutch markets, we are now looking for a distributor in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland).

Besides a potentially exclusive distributorship, we are offering you the opportunity to invest in KOBOTS. This will not only give you a unique opportunity in the market – it will also give you the opportunity to help revolutionise the construction industry with unique products, and help reap the benefits of the success you have personally helped create as a distributor.

Today, KOBOTS has three products on the market, all of which are based on our KOBOTS platform – a platform focused on panel machining – on-site, by-site and pre-fab.  We have a long list of other products waiting in our pipeline, all of which will revolutionise the way in which work in our industry is performed –  just as we can already see the KOBOTS platform is doing today.


The vision of KOBOTS is to improve the working environment, to make it more cost effective and reduce the CO2 footprint.

The challenges facing the construction industry

The construction industry is faced with a large number of challenges. With the KOBOTS platform we are solving a number of these challenges –  including the shortage of manpower, we are increasing efficiency, improving the working environment and making it possible to produce more sustainably, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.



We believe that the most important and precious resource is people. That is why we work passionately on empowering people.

We think that the demand for manpower is one of the greatest challenges of our times – and that is why we have to empower tradesmen in the construction industry so that they remain able to expand and grow our society.

We want to revolutionise the construction industry. The construction industry is the bedrock for the development of our towns, cities and infrastructure which in turn enables us to help the world keep growing.

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If you can see yourself at the forefront of a large and exciting market like the Scandinavian market, contact us straight away. We will invite you to Denmark where you will gain a deeper insight into KOBOTS, our products, and will also be presented with how we approach the Danish and Dutch markets today.

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