Rethinking work
in the building trades

Meet Amigo

  • A mobile cutting robot
  • A software and hardware platform for the construction industry – used on site.
  • Automates cutting processes via app or through voice-control.
  • Makes the cutting process faster and easier.
  • Increases productivity and capacity. Frees up resources. Hands free cutting and measuring.
  • Eliminates dust and tool vibration from the work process creating a better working environment for the craftsmen.
  • Working with Amigo results in fewer work-related accidents and health issues due to exposure to dust, tool vibration, cutting tools and bad working postures.
  • Minimizes waste and residual materials.

Get one now

AMIGO™ 912

Amigo 912 is the small model in the Amigo series.
It is able to cut 900 x 1200 mm boards.

AMIGO™ 925

Amigo 925 is the big model in the Amigo series.
It’s able to cut 900 x 2500 mm boards.


Control Amigo with the Kobots APP on a smartphone with voice-control or manual enter.

Enter or record your measurements quick and easy in the app. Click on images to see the App in function.

AMIGO™ Assembly

AMIGO™ vs Circular saw

AMIGO™ Cutting

Tech specs

  • Easy to transport
  • Can be assembled in 5-10 min.
  • Handles 90 % of your cuts
  • Uses a 125 mm blade
  • Uses 230 volts.

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