Niels Lien – Kløvertårnet

Niels Lien – Kløvertårnet

Construction of a distinctive 8-storey building in the middle of Slagelse, Kløvertårnet.
Niels Lien is total contractor for the project, where all interior walls are clad with Fermacell fiber gypsum.
Amigo 912 has been a part of the project from the beginning, where the intention was to save time. From an early stage the result was a more efficient workflow. With a new workflow, Amigo has released time and resources that Niels Lien has been able to use elsewhere on the construction site.

– It is very efficient and creates a good work process. We hardly stand still. We always have one board ready. At the same time, we avoid the hard cutting work, where we stand in bad work positions. I can feel that I am not so tired when I get home. David Nielsen, carpenter.

– I was afraid it would be too static and cumbersome. But I do have to say that we have had a much more efficient workflow. We’ve probably saved 15 percent in working hours plus a lot of time for cleaning because the robot pretty much doesn’t dust. It has been a super positive experience. Niels Lien, CEO.


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