Junge Byg A/S

Junge Byg A/S

Honnørkajen in Horsens

Construction of 2 multi-unit housings with underground parking at Honnørkajen in Horsens. The multi-units are constructed in 4-6 floors and consists of 70 and 78 appartments. Total size of the project is 20,000 spm. Junge Byg A/S is mounting Fermacell fiber gypsym on all interior walls and uses the cutting robot to cut the Fermacell boards.

– To us, the cutting robot is a tool that can optimize our workflow and thus optimizing our time schedule. It is a lot easier with the cutting robot when having more than one cut on each board. There is no need to move the plunge saw on the same board – now you just register all cuts on the board once, and the cutting robot will cut it all.

– The reduction of dust is remarkably high. We do no longer experience the same dust related discomfort as before with the plunge saw. Also, we experience a far better attachment because the edges are 95% removed from dust. The jointing material is thus getting a much better grip. Time is optimized on a daily basis as our men get at even better workflow. Jacob Røntved, Construction Manager.

Townhouses in Filskov
Junge Bys A/S is also building 13 new and modern townhouses in Grindsted, Denmark. The houses are a part of building a dynamic and attractive living environment.

The interior walls of the houses are made of Fermacell fiber gypsym. For this part of the project, Junge Byg A/S is using the cutting robot both to create a better work environment for their employees and to be able to complete the task more efficiently.

Junge Byg A/S has bought 2 KOBOTS 912

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