Guldfeldt A/S

Guldfeldt A/S

Guldfeldt A/S had a task that was set to have a duration of nine working days for two carpenters with a plunge saw.

Two weeks before project delivery, Guldfeldt A/S rented a KOBOT 925. With the cutting robot, two carpenters completed the work in five days.

This was a time saving of 60 hours, or 54,6%. Guldfeldt had no wasted materials while using the robot because there were no incorrect cuts with the cutting robot. The work completed in these 5 days included the half day initial training session where KOBOTS introduced the two carpenters to the robot. They had never used it before.

  With KOBOTS cutting robot
(incl. a half day of introduction training with robot)
Projected with plunge saw
Salary cost DKK 24.992 DKK 44.986
Waste of materials DKK 0 DKK. 800
Savings in total DKK 20.794 / 45,4%  

The above are cost prices excl. VAT
The calculations are shared by Guldfeldt A/S.

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