Danbox Living ApS

Danbox Living ApS

Danbox Living ApS is a pre-fab company in Holstebro, which manufactures houses, holiday homes and public buildings. Approximately one building is produced here per week. The company has acquired our cutting robot for their production. The robot is particularly useful when cutting fiber gypsum.

For Danbox, the primary purpose of using the cutting robot in their production has been to ensure a better working environment for their employees. They want to ensure a working environment where there is no dust in the air and their employees can avoid bad working postures while using the circular saw for cutting boards, minimizing the risk of work-related injuries.

With the cutting robot in their production, the company has also experienced that productivity has increased significantly, which has meant that they can take on more tasks.

– “Before, it took two men three days to assemble the fiber gypsum boards in a modular construction. Now four men can accomplish the same task in one day. The time we shave off our tasks mean that the module is ready faster for the next stage in the production process, and that is of high value for us. The sooner we get a module on to the next work process, the sooner we get the construction out to our customer and get new tasks into production. Therefore, saving two days of production time is a big deal for us. Even more important, however, is that we have a good working environment. We no longer have dust in the air and in our lungs, and the work wears out the employees much less” – Jens Ankjær, production manager.

DanBox Living’s carpenters have found their own optimal workflow with the cutting robot, where one man cuts boards for the other three in the team.

– “It has become much easier to mount the fiber gypsum boards. Before, I had to constantly go in and out of the module we were in the process of building, to cut boards. Now I get the boards delivered from Michael, who operates the robot. We get much more done.” – Daniel Montoya, carpenter.

Read Danbox’s entire experience of having our cutting robot in the production here.

Danbox Living ApS has rented an KOBOTS 925 for 6 months with the right to buy when the rental period is over.

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